Choreographer / Performer / Instructor

  • Ballroom of Joys and Sorrow
    'The dreamy, dervishing solo for Amir Giles is the evening’s choreographic highlight'
    Financial Times

    Photo: Alice Clark
  • Mr. Selfridges
    'deeply moving and lingered in the memory long after the event.'

    B. Millington, Evening Standard
  • Highly Strung Research 'When I see Amir dance I'm reminded of why I write'

    Ron Hutchinson
    Emmy Award winner
  • Entangled
    'Entangled couldn't help but get under your skin: we didn't know where the dancers ended and the lovers began'

  • The World's Greatest Show
    'A lyrical contemporary dance solo by Amir Giles is a particularly poignant and moving interlude. Spinning and spiraling on a circular path, he stares out beyond the audience, his anguish palpable.'
    London Dance
Amir Giles is a performer and choreographer who draws on contemporary dance, contact improvisation, funk styles and capoeira as well as several vernacular partner dance forms including tango and swing. His experience spans performance, collaborative devising, movement direction and choreography for television,film, theatre, opera, performance art and research projects.