Choreographer / Performer / Instructor

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Arthur Pita's
The World's Greatest Show

Performer / Swing Tango Coach

A unique piece of dance theatre depicting the twisted 'entertainments,' in which couples laid low by the Great Depression would dance for thousands of hours in the hope of winning prize money.

Performed at
Royal Opera House
Greenwhich Dance Agency
Dance East Ipswich Corn Exchange

A dreamy, dervishing solo for Amir Giles is the evening's choreographic highlight
- Financial Times ★★★★
Remarkable performers
- The Times ★★★★
It is the weary tango performed by the eight company dancers, their eyes ringed black, the girls' suspenders drooping to their knees, that stays in the memory
- The Telegraph ★★★★
The tango sequence (coached by Amir Giles) is both funny and touching, ochos swivelling dangerously off centre, sentadas a chance for an all too brief sit down.
- The Financial Times
A lyrical contemporary solo by Amir Giles is a particularly poignant and moving interlude. Spinning and spiralling on a circular path, he stares out beyond the audience, his anguish palpable.
- London Dance